Fat Ass Lashes!

Everyone knows the eyelashes are like the bra's of the face, they help enhance your natural assets (lol). Almost every time you meet someone, or give a look across a crowded room, or attempt to take the perfect selfie your lashes are on speaking volumes, and what they're saying is important.

As a beauty influencer, I love to show my looks via my instagram - and sometimes I opt for a more natural lash - however more recently, I've been into giving my eyes a POP! A few weeks ago, an eyelash company by the name of Fat Ass Lashes discovered my IG, and told me to recreate a previous look, but with their lashes! After visiting their website I was extremely excited to receive my lashes and give my eyes what they've been longing for!

You can check my complete beauty look below. I used the 100% Mongolian Silk Lashes, in the style "Boss Bitch". I did a before and after so that you guys could see the difference. The first few are of just me in my completed eyebrow and foundation/contour look. (Btw, Fat Ass Lashes provided me with more styles, so you'll see those soon!)