Makeup Monday: Men Wearing Makeup?

Makeup Monday: Men Wearing Makeup?

It's no secret that some of the top makeup artist in the world are men, I think society has accepted that - but does it cross the line when men begin to wear makeup?

The perception is that if a man wears makeup, he's gay. But I have another theory that stemmed from watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, "Keeping Up With the Karsdashians", which is basically the starting point for most of my theories. There's a lot of pressure when it comes to dating uber famous women, known for their beauty rituals and high-end lifestyle. In this particular episode, Scott - Kourtney Kardashians boyfriend/baby's daddy - was "caught" wearing makeup. How could you blame the guy? Constantly being photographed can do a number on self-image if you have to stare at bags under your eyes, or dark circles that you now realize the rest of the world are also looking at.

Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us to believe, men are wearing makeup and are damn proud of it. As an avid makeup wearer myself, I completely understand wanting to enhance your look as a guy. Even though the way I do my makeup might lean more towards the feminine side of contouring, and highlighting - the reasoning is the same. 

Men wearing makeup isn't exactly a new thing; in fact, they've been wearing it for a really long time. Back in 3000 B.C., men in Egypt wore black kohl on their eyes to shield them from the "evil eye," and in the fifteenth century, King Edward IV and his male courtiers were said to have worn red rouge on their lips. Elvis Presley and David Bowie rocked makeup and were proud of it. And let's not forget about Johnny Depp. That man still wears more black eyeliner than a moody goth teen. There just shouldn't be any shame in your game if you're a man and you want to throw on some foundation and contour your cheekbones (hey, some men might want to make their face look slimmer, too).

So I want to hear from you, guys and girls. What are your true feelings on men wearing makeup? Is it acceptable? Is it necessary? Is it an abomination? Sound off in the comments, I really want to hear from you! 

Btw, I'll share a few of my own pictures below of me and my new beard in a full face of makeup. Should I do a foundation and contour tutorial?