Night at the HIGH

Night at the HIGH

Since returning from my trip to New York, I've been craving art and inspiration. In Atlanta, there's a shortage of places that I find inspiration, but when I find one, a really good one - I lock it away, and only pull it out when it's absolutely necessary. 

One of those places in Atlanta is the High Museum of Art. I mean, what better place to go to be inspired other than an art museum? From Baroque artist like, Caravaggio to modern artist like Jean-Michel Basquiat, the High offers levels of inspiration from years of history in the arts. 

As I traveled through time with the artist, and tried to put myself in their shoes and their mindset while creating these pieces, I found my inspiration again. In losing my inspiration, I realized that I have so many talents, but I don't know which one to pursue. Which one am I the best at? Which path do I choose? However, when I looked at the art, I realized I didn't have to choose just one - a lot of the artist were GREAT because they chose to break the mold. They created things that were outside of the box, and iconic because they didn't choose to stick to just one thing they were good at. They chose multiple avenues of creation, and as a result they are forever memorialized in museums across the world.

I said all of that to say, that the High taught me to cultivate my own path, and use ALL of my talents in doing so. 

Check out my photos from my night at the High below: