Best-Friends That Slay Together...

Best-Friends That Slay Together...

How does the saying go, "Best-Friends that Slay Together - Stay Together", right? 

Over the weekend my best-friend, Marcus, was in Atlanta, and of course when he's here - we have to make an event out of it. So, we did a few things - but on Sunday we had the opportunity to go to a fashion show - and it was free - so of course we went!

The show was running late, and this gorgeous photographer came up to me and Marc, and asked if she could get a few shots of us and our attire. As I'm sure you know, Marc and I never turn down a good photo-opp, so of course we said, "SURE". 

By the way, thank you to Patricia Villafane of P.VillaPhoto  for these awesome photos! 

Check out the results below: