Brunch: Flying Biscuit Midtown Atlanta

Brunch: Flying Biscuit Midtown Atlanta

So, in Atlanta with the great weather we have beginning in spring that carries through to the fall it's popular to brunch. You gather with friends, family or a significant other, and comb through the countless restaurants offering brunch specials and bottomless mimosas, and you set out on a journey for great food, and appropriate daytime drinking. 

On this particular Saturday, Atlanta finally broke it's winter cycle and showed its citizens sunshine and 73 degree weather - and in typical Atlanta fashion the entire city was out in biker shorts and flip flops and the streets were lined with shirtless gods running by the park. It was the perfect setting for an afternoon brunch with two of my closest friends, Ross York and Dorion Nowell - two prominent caricatures in my faux Sex in the City lifestyle, with a homo-Atlanta plot twist.

The plan was to try a new restaurant that the 3 of us had never been before. However, upon Dorion's early arrival, he found that parking was ridiculously limited - and anyone that's ever lived in or visited Atlanta knows that parking is a premium. So Dorion changed the restaurant a few more times, until we reached an old friend that we used to frequent - Flying Biscuit.

What I Ate:

I had the Piedmont Omelette - which includes three eggs, chicken sausage, crisp turkey bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese served with creamy dreamy grits.

It was AMAZING, and so filling. Now if you're on a strict diet you might want to half this before you start eating, because if not you'll end up devouring the entire meal. I paired my meal with a cranberry mimosa, appropriately titled "Poinsettia Mimosa". I was skeptical as to how it would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their most prolific claim to fame is their "Creamy Dreamy Grits", which are heavenly. They're smoothly whipped, and seasoned perfectly - if you are ever at any of their many locations, you should try the grits. 

We ended our brunch with a pleasant walk through Piedmont Park, and catching up like good friends do. Stay tuned for more of our warm weather adventures. Spring is among us.