I am still new to liquid liner (used pencil for years, then felt tip pens, now this) and it's the best eyeliner I have used. I'm still a little confused by the brush & pot method but it gives a dark, buildable line that lasts. I purchased the ALMAY Liquid Eyeliner in Brown 022, because black is just way to severe for me. 

Possible cons:

- When painting my upper lid and giving it time to dry, it can transfer to the lower lid/corner
- After a few hours, the innermost corners of my eyes start to fade and so it looks a bit imprecise 
- Can initially make your eyes water a little

But I draw over it with a waning felt tip pen to lock it in, and it works fine.

I'm also proud of the days when I can do a smooth and thin line - it looks amazing. 

The brush tip is quite small and so its not too hard to use, I start in the middle of my eyelid where it's less noticeable to make mistakes, and gradually fan out. 

Practice makes perfect, this is an excellent product when you have a handle on it. The price is a bit $ for the brand but it's excellent. 

Would recommend if you're trying to transition into liquid liner, a little effort can give you a dramatic and precise line. If your hand is shaky - it can show a little, but draw over with a pen and it should correct your mistakes.

Absolutely recommend and do repurchase.