Dating Tips: A Trip to the Zoo!

Dating Tips: A Trip to the Zoo!

Dinner and a movie can get redundant, so maybe exactly what you and your partner need is a date at the zoo!

It’s a fun and unique way to take advantage of a good weather day. There are many elements that, if done correctly, can make your date unforgettably special.


  • A way to make a date at the zoo an enjoyable experience is by learning about the animals beforehand. Everyone loves learning new things, and your boyfriend will be thoroughly impressed by your knowledge and facts. Intelligence is an attractive quality, and this is your chance to share with your partner your striking wisdom.

Take Pictures

  • Instead of being that couple that constantly posts boring selfies to Facebook, take memorable photos in the butterfly house or polar bear exhibit. This exciting day is one you’ll want to remember, so a camera will be a convenient item in your chic fanny pack. Take pictures of each other, and ask a bystander to take one of the two of you together.


  • There are many fun ways to flirt at the zoo. Impersonate the animals, and try to #read their minds. Compare yourself and your boyfriend to each animal, and wonder who’s most similar to which one. Get a caricature drawn of the two of you together!

Buy Souvenirs

Every zoo has a souvenir shop. Buy your boyfriend a small gift to remember the day by! It’ll have sentimental value because it’ll always remind him of the amazing experience you shared. I’m not saying spend loads of #money, but it’s always fun to surprise your significant other with something special.


  • This is an event that it wouldn’t hurt to buy a new outfit for! Make sure it's comfortable and suitable for the climate. Wear something other than everyday apparel because this is a date that your #boyfriend will actually notice your outfit. Most importantly, #look adorable and fashionable!

Zoo dates are absolutely entertaining and gratifying. Have you ever been on a date to the zoo? Check out my photos from my date at the zoo!