Jecoby's Journal: Post 1 - The Beginning

Jecoby's Journal: Post 1 - The Beginning

So, the last time I blogged was before Black Friday - its been MONTHS! Okay, maybe only a month and some change - but you get the point, it's been a while. 

Over the years, I've learned that social media provides verification that we're not alone in the world. A lot of times people tweet or instagram their different experiences in life, and sometimes we think we're alone in those feelings or experiences, but we're not. Someone out their has always been through or experienced the thing(s) that you have been through. Social media always provides verification that we're not alone in what we feel and experience.

In the new year I want to delve further into myself, and provide my feelings and experiences as they pertain to fashion, food, family and friends.

Jecoby's Journal will be my version of Oprah's "Remembering Your Spirit", except in blog form and maybe not as deep as a Maya Angelou soliloquy. Sometimes it might be about pointless things - i.e. selfies, bad sex, or an experience at a store. No matter what the subject, I want Jecoby's Journal to MEAN something to me, and to my readers. I want to share my experiences on this journey with you, and hopefully you learn something from it and/or somehow I adversely learn something from you - my readers.

Thank you for the continued readership, and I hope to continue to intrigue and entertain you with my post in the New Year! Happy Sweet 16 - 2016.