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14 Gifts Every Single Should Buy Themselves this Valentine's Day

Jecoby CarterComment
14 Gifts Every Single Should Buy Themselves this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and when you're single it can be the most dreaded day of the year. In my experience, everyone exchanges gifts for Valentine's Day, and I was thinking - well, what do the single people get? And who said you can’t buy yourself a Valentine's present? You know yourself best, and a bit of self-love is good for everyones' confidence.

Here are my top 14 things to treat yourself too this Valentine's Day.

1. A $50 Seamless gift card.

- Who knows when you might want to treat yourself to a good dinner and movie, during your single life. With this gift card, you won't have to fret if money is an issue - it's an instant date night to yourself for the nights you don’t want to cook, and need a little "you" time.

2. A luxury terry cloth bathrobe that makes you feel like you’re staying at a high end Hotel.

- For when you don’t want to wear any clothes, but you're hosting a girls (or boys) night.

3. A pair of quality slippers (maybe Uggs).

- To go with your comfy robe, and during your single time, you need to treat yourself like he or she never could. 

4. A body fitting appointment.

- Nothing says I'm over my ex - like a amazingly fitted clothing. Upgrade your life with a tailor.

5. A pair of yoga/ sweat pants you can wear to the gym and/or running errands.

- Staying fit is a priority when you’re off the relationship bandwagon. However, it’s also important that you look amazing while doing it - who knows who you might meet at the grocery store.

6. Something new for your apartment

- It's time you get that piece of art, or mantle piece that you always had your eye on. 

7. A piece of jewelry that cost a pretty penny

- Obnoxious? Maybe, but who cares? This is about you, remember?

8. A power watch.

- Everybody needs one. It exemplifies status, and a hint of luxury. You should feel a sense of accomplishment every time you look at the time. 

9. A copy of “The Power of Being Yourself” by Joe Plumeri.

- Since being single is a time for self-improvement, what better way than to read a book and get to truly know yourself. 

10. An electronic wine opener.

- It’ll never judge you for the two bottles you finish each night by yourself.

11. An entire pizza.

- Don’t scarf down a Pizza Hut pie for the sake of being “cool.” Do it because you’ve been skipping cheat days for months. You deserve the cheese and calories.

12. The coziest body pillow you can find.

- For nights when you’re much lonelier than you’re willing to admit, and there’s no cuddle buddy to call.

13. One session of laser hair removal.

- What better time to zap off those pesky armpit hairs forever?

14. An appointment with a psychic for an intuitive reading.

- Unless the cards say your next boyfriend is the tall, dark and handsome guy you met in college, ignore them.