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White After Labor Day? Yes, Of Course!

Jecoby CarterOOTDComment
White After Labor Day? Yes, Of Course!

A lot of people wonder why is it bad to wear white after Labor Day. The truth is that few people know the exact logic behind this antiquated fashion "law." There seems to be no one explanation, but what can be agreed upon is that it's a rule that can now be put to bed.

The rule against wearing white after Labor Day relates to the designation of Labor Day as the official end of summer. Thus, it is time to put away one's "summer whites" and prepare for the cold weather. For anyone in the non-working class, the time of frivolity was over. It was time to stop wearing cute summer outfits and to start getting serious again. To continue to wear this obvious sign of summer during the non-summer months showed both rudeness and ignorance.

So, can I wear white after labor day? 

So is it still bad to wear white after Labor Day? There are some people who are shocked to see it, and would never dream of doing so themselves. However, they can't really say why except that it's what they've always been taught. If the rule does originate in practicality, that obviously does not apply in warmer climates. Additionally, most people can figure out that they will be uncomfortable if they wear a lightweight fabric when it's cold.

How to Wear WHITE After Labor Day

Provided you take into account seasonal variations. For fall, pair your favorite whites with a dark/hunter green or dark navy bomber or blazer, and desert boots; for winter, a little white wool goes a long way. 

Rachel Zoe says, 

"When it comes to wearing white, I say wear it all year round—winter white, especially, is fresh and unexpected during the colder seasons. I think every woman should experiment and see what works best for them—find the best shade of white for her skin tone and the best silhouette for her body type. For fall, I love metallic accessories—pops of silver feel really modern and sleek while gold tends to warm up a white ensemble. I learned from my mom that fashion rules are meant to be broken and I always followed that … and ultimately always wore every shade of white all year round."

See my Pre-Labor Day look of my fave Summer whites below!

What I Wore.

Hat - Urban Outfitters

Cape - NastyGal

Top - Topman

Short - Nastygal

Watch - Michael Kors

Loafer - Steve Madden