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How to Easily Transition Your Skincare Routine to Fall

Jecoby CarterBeautyComment
How to Easily Transition Your Skincare Routine to Fall

With the fall season approaching, it's time to think of tailoring your skincare routine to the new found elements, especially since there's less heat and humidity in the air once the autumn hits. 

But while you needn’t change your entire routine altogether, there are a few adjustments you can make to prepare your skin for the colder months. For an early head start, here’s how to easily transition your skincare routine just in time for fall.

Being that the skin produces less oil in the fall, it’s important to provide your skin with an adequate source of moisture, says dermatologic surgeon and RealSelf contributor Joel Schlessinger. “With less heat and humidity, the air is also drier with brisk, chilly winds that can be very drying to skin,” he says.

But unlike the spring and summer months, which relied heavily on lightweight formulas, swapping out your usual lightweight products for a hydrating regimen of thick moisturizers and creams is highly recommended. “When the air becomes cooler, you’ll want to trade in your lightweight moisturizer for something a little heavier,” Schlessinger explains. “Swap lighter formulas like serums and gels for thicker lotions and creams.”

However, proper skin hydration is not just about slathering on heavy creams come fall and wintertime. Consuming proper amounts of water is also crucial, being that our bodies become more inflamed in the winter, suggests Laurel Shaffer, founder of skincare brand Laurel Whole Plant Organics.

“Hydration is often lacking in all of us in the winter months for so many different reasons, one being that most of us do not drink as much water as we normally would during the colder months of the year,” she says. “Being that our bodies are more inflamed in the winter, we should actually be taking in more water to help with that.”

By the end of summer skin, skin is often battered and damaged, as it has been through months of sun exposure, including redness, sunburn and even peeling, says Schlessinger. To combat any scaly, dry skin, fall can the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate a dull and irritable complexion. “If you spent a little too much time in the sun, regular exfoliation can help stimulate healthy cell turnover, and reveal a fresh complexion,” says Schlessinger. “Establishing good exfoliating habits now will also help prevent dry, dull and dehydrated skin once winter arrives.”

Remember SPF

And while proper SPF protection is often associated with the summer months, it’s important never to skip on your daily application of sunscreen, even if you aren’t spending time outside this fall. UV exposure still reaches through car windows, office windows, computer screens and other sources of light, says Schlessinger.

To keep your skin in top form, choose a broad spectrum moisturizer or primer packed with at least SPF 30. Products like these tend to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays easily.

Provide Nutrients
While focusing on hydration and exfoliation is key, providing your skin with nutrients can help perk up your skin in no time, says Laurel Shaffer. “Since our bodies have slowed down a bit for winter, our digestion and metabolism have slowed as well,” she says. “The nutrients we take in aren’t processed quite as well as they are in warmer months, so it's important for us to provide our skin with nutrients that it could be lacking.”

Fall Skin Essentials
To keep your face shielded from the cool and dry temperatures, tweaking your arsenal with some handy lifesavers can keep your complexion supple and equally hydrated.

Laurel Healing Balm: Face & Body ($54)

Treat dry and damaged skin to this healing balm, which relieves eczema and dermatitis with nourishing ingredients like calendula, lavender yarrow and marshmallow.

Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash Pump ($9)

Prep your body with this lathering body wash, which uses special NutriumMoisture technology to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Lush Let The Good Times Roll ($13-$32)

For some essential exfoliation, trust this polenta and cornmeal cleanser scrub away dry skin, while leaving your skin super smooth.

L’Occitane Divine Cream Mask ($145)

Great for really dry skin, this anti-aging cream mask can be worn overnight for an intensively nourishing treatment while you sleep.

Jason Certified USDA Organic Smoothing Coconut Oil ($11)

Whether you have chapped skin or split ends, this all-purpose moisturizer treats your skin to essential Vitamin E and antioxidant polyphenols.