My Favorite Travel Bag from ALDO

My Favorite Travel Bag from ALDO
 Instagram: @jecobyandcompany

Instagram: @jecobyandcompany

Vacations, business trips, conferences, class reunions–whenever you leave home, part of your wardrobe has to come with you. We’ve talked before about what to bring–now let’s take a look at what you’re taking it in. A man’s luggage is both a practical and a stylistic decision. You want something that carries all your necessities, is convenient to haul all over the world, and doesn’t look awful when paired with your traveling clothes. The last consideration can be especially important for business travelers, who often end up making first impressions when meeting people at the airport with their luggage still in tow. 

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you have to carry it.

The last of the carry-on-sized options for air travel, these are cases made specifically for airline size restrictions. They are basically mini-suitcases that give you every cubic inch of space you’re allotted. They’re ideal for avoiding checked luggage if your trip is short enough to live out of a small bag. Just be aware that standard sizes keep shrinking–an older model may not always pass muster. Use it for: Your main suitcase on a short trip Avoiding checked bag fees Your official “carry-on,” with a briefcase or backpack as your “personal item”

Check out my favorite Travel Bag from ALDO:

Material: Synthetic
Make this functional weekender your new off-duty staple. 
- Gym Bag/ Weekender
- Decorative zipper
- Width: 16.6 in.
- Depth: 1.2 in.
- Height: 12.3 in.


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