Welcome to Jecoby&Company.com

Welcome to Jecoby&Company.com

Hello, and welcome to Jecoby&Company.com! 

Jecoby and Company is a style, culture, and expression blog by Jecoby Carter, an African-American born in Decatur living in Buckhead pursing his dreams in entertainment & fashion. It’s dedicated to all things style and Jecoby's personal life, which includes his adventures in acting, TV hosting & beyond. Jecoby and Company keeps its readers in the loop with current trends and fashion finds via outfit posts and collages. Jecoby believes that fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating or serious, it can be fun and anyone can look and feel fabulous. That’s what he strives for with Jecoby and Company, a fun and chic place to go for fashion.

Let’s talk background, shall we? Jecoby started styling in 2009, when he freelanced with Atlanta area designers, and also with American Eagle as their wardrobe associate and campaign stylist for 2 years. He then, took on his own broad spectrum of personal clients including actors, lawyers, business entrepreneurs and moms. Now, he focuses more on style expert work, blogging and hosting.

Hosting credits include VH1, fashion events in and around Atlanta and various online outlets including his very own, TheKidzJump.com conducting celebrity interviews and hosting for Red Carpet events.

To further expand his brand Jecoby is leaving TheKidzJump.com behind him to re-emerge as Jecoby and Company, focusing more on his personal life, online persona and entertainment ventures. TheKidzJump.com was an amazing platform to catipult Jecoby to where he is now. He is grateful for all of the opportunities it has afforded him, and wants thanks all of the loyal readers and hope they will continue on this journey through life with him!

Jecoby's next chapter begins now.