What To Wear: Black Friday Edition

What To Wear: Black Friday Edition

Black Friday shopping is no time to mess around, and those who commit to the occasion know how to dress for it. The notorious annual shopping day, defined by dragging lines, bottleneck aisles and cantankerous squabbles over merchandise, will certainly separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak. Black Friday 2015, as it does every year, will test shoppers’ endurance, wit, patience and, indubitably, their sanity.

Black Friday is fast approaching, with just three days before the biggest U.S. shopping day of the year. The doorbuster deals are sure to abound, with stores like Walmart and Best Buy offering everything from TVs to tablets to toys at competitive low prices. It’s these bargains that make Black Friday the cosmic consumer event that it is.

What to wear on Black Friday

Black Friday is no time to impress. You’re going into the consumer trenches – leave the platform heels at home.

To get in and out of dressing rooms with ease, minimal layers in loose-fitting fabrics (i.e. stretchy pants and over-sized tops) are the key to winning Black Friday. Cling-free ensembles are also ideal since you'll probably be sporting a food baby the day after Thanksgiving.

Opt for something casual and light, and wear comfortable walking shoes. While temperatures in some areas of the country are predicted to dip into the 40s and 30s, the more you can leave at home, the better. Heavy jackets and tons of accessories like gloves and beanies will only become excess baggage once you’re inside, and you don’t want to be bothered schlepping them around while trying to reach for those coveted gift items. We suggest thermal wear.

Repeat after us: Stretchy pants are your friend today. Although you might not feel like showing off your curves the day after you've gorged, leggings are a sensible (and warm) choice for discount shopping mode. Paired with a loose-fitting tee, you can easily try on dresses, skirts and other flouncy items without having to strip down completely. In between browsing the racks, keep snug with a long duster coat and a cozy scarf, and hit the ground running in suede sneakers.

Check out our gallery of Fashion Do's for Black Friday below: